primeCROWD Select Night Vol. 14

The highlights of the event

Together with our partner Julius Bär Bank we were invited to the primeCROWD Select Night Vol. 14 at Palais Eschenbach.

The following experts discussed the topic "FinTech: Revolutionary or Evolutionary":

• Florian Wimmer, Co-Founder & CEO Blockpit

• Dr. Wolfgang Zauner, FinTech Advisor, Frankfurt & Strategic Advisor, Private Alpha AG

• Fabiano Vallesi, Next Generation Fund Manager Bank Julius Baer

• Dr. Ronald Rapberger, Investment Director primeCROWD

Moderation: Bernhard Blaha, Executive Board | Founder & CFO HEROcoin

Summary of the panel:

The panel included representatives of the "classic" banks as well as those from the emerging Fintech industry.

While the representatives of the traditional banking business and above all of private banking emphasized the personal contact with clients (keyword personal advisor), the Fintechs pointed out the efficient setup and lean organizational structures of the new challengers ("Blank Slate").

All participants in the discussion agreed, however, that above all those Fintechs will be successful in the long term who provide the basic infrastructure and services for both the challenger banks and the traditional banks ("In the gold rush, it is always those who sell shovels who make the money").

In the end, the experts were able to agree that from the investors' point of view, diversification across different asset classes (classic equities but also investments in start-ups) is essential for the success of investment portfolios. This clearly shows how important it is for established financial institutions such as Julius Baer Bank and young, innovative companies such as primeCROWD to work together.