Hero Background

We are at your service

A focused and growing team combining years of experience in venture capital, investment banking, startup and corporate management, and PR.

What brings us together

Competence in selection, transparency, and quality in execution is what we stand for. We create values - for investors and startups alike - through returns, positive impact and access to sustainably successful business ideas. Through professional long-term, fair and trusting partnerships, we enable access to investments and help to finance an innovative future for Europe.

  • We believe in handshake quality - in our business, commitments count like contracts

  • Transparency provides a clear view - we offer all parties insight into every step of our financing process

  • Full of enthusiasm, but not for bullshit - we love innovative visions but are reluctant to hype 

  • Long guidance vs. a short kick - we are approachable for our start-ups and investors long beyond the ink dries at the notary

  • Let’s be honest - we can't finance every startup, but you company builders, have our utmost respect you and we try to never leave anyone empty-handed

  • We take care of the heavy lifting - and do the tedious work in the background, so investors can focus on investing and startups on building their companies