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Who is primeCROWD?

primeCROWD is one of the leading start-up investor networks in Europe, consisting of more than 2000 investors and has successfully financed and networked numerous start-ups in recent years. Our focus is primarily on start-ups in the DACH and Baltic region from the sectors of health, digital economy or sustainability. We usually finance tickets between 300k-2M.

"Anyone who has been dealing with the topic of startup investment for some time knows that plans and forecasts usually do not materialize as planned, and that obstacles are often put in the way of the startup. By working with professional business angels, we have many experienced people on board who can help the teams through such difficult phases. At primeCROWD, we make sure that we involve at least one strong business angel in every investment in order to increase the chances of success in the long term."

Markus Kainz, Founder & CEO primeCROWD

Top Learnings 

from 3 of our primeCROWD Business Angels:

Heinz Raufer

nebenan.de, tripmakery, hotel.de, flixbus

"Specialization (in my case software and internet companies) is helpful in the search and evaluation of start-up investments. Furthermore, in my view, the concrete customer benefit of a product as well as its unique selling points and scalability are particularly important. I also check the "fit" of the founding team. These are the first priorities for me. 

The further analysis focuses on market (volume), competition, marketing/sales concept, business plan, current trading, shareholder structure, financing volume and valuation. I have had very good experience with this approach so far".

Stephan Berendsen

BBG Entertainment, Cuculus, SpeedScript

"As an entrepreneur with my own "start-ups" I have already experienced 2 exits to large companies (including Walt Disney) myself - I also look at possible exit scenarios for my investments, which are often accompanied by a very good scaling of the start-up - so the business model is just as decisive here as the question "how quickly can I internationalize?"

I also keep a close eye on the state of the art technology in the start-up - of course, this is only possible in those industries where I personally know my way around.

In addition, I like to work closely with the founding teams in order to provide them with my experience, especially in the early years."

Dagmar Whörl

Unternehmerin, Rechtsanwältin und Investorin, auch in der TV-Sendung 'Die Höhle der Löwen'

"Women have taken an important position as entrepreneurs and thought leaders in today's economy. However, this requires female role models and identification figures who provide inspiration and encourage them to get started and realize their own dreams. For many women it is not always easy to make the most of their potential and to master the way to the top.

I invested primarily in projects where I can bring in my network and know-how, thus optimizing my chances of success".

As an investor in primeCROWD you will receive exclusive access to innovative start-ups and, together with experienced business angels, you will be able to launch a new generation of European companies.

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