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Sustainable investing means paying attention not only to the environment but also to diversity. Because diverse teams are more innovative and make better decisions. And female founders bring higher investment returns.*

However, women have been significantly underrepresented in the VC industry, both as investors and as founders. Only 8% of the Business Angels in Europe are female, and we want to change this with primeCROWD.


For this purpose we have, together with the Chair of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the IUBH, launched the research project „Weibliche Business Angels in Deutschland / Österreich“. Please give us your input on this topic:

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With this we want to find out how women become enthusiastic about start-up investments and the associated opportunities for the economy, and what special information and services they would like to receive - in order to offer them in a targeted manner. As soon as the results have been evaluated, we will communicate them here, take targeted measures, offer regular investor meetings for exchange and organize special events. 

We will be happy to keep you up to date on all these new offers if you register as an investor in our network: 

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Female Founders

In addition, it is of course also our goal to consciously support female founders, because female founders in Germany receive on average 25% less capital than their male competitors.*** Women, on the other hand, would invest three times more often than men in companies with a female CEO or co-founder.**** And these companies have been proven to yield higher returns*. Therefore, support our network, innovative ideas and let us be successful together! 

You have questions, suggestions or would like to support us with a cooperation? Then I look forward to the exchange with you!

Svenja Lassen

Managing Director Germany


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