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Who is primeCROWD?

primeCROWD is one of the leading start-up investor networks in Europe, consisting of more than 2000 investors and has successfully financed and networked numerous start-ups in recent years. Our focus is primarily on start-ups in the DACH and Baltic region from the sectors of health, digital economy or sustainability. We usually finance tickets between 300k-2M.


Surgeons worldwide stand for hours in contorted and uncomfortable positions while saving their patients' lives.

  • In 70% of all surgeries, surgeons have to assume unnatural postures that lead to increased fatigue and pain.
  • To alleviate the pain 40% of all surgeons take pain killers.

This leads not only to fatigue and chronic pain but ultimately to a loss of concentration and performance resulting in errors during surgery.


Hellstern Medical has developed together with surgeons the patent-protected NOAC:  The surgeon support system

NOAC adapts to the surgeon and holds the body in any desired position thanks to intelligent motion detection. This relieves the surgeon from back and knee-pain resulting in less errors and increased quality of work for the doctors.

Through better operating theater utilization and fewer treatment errors, the clinic increases its profitability.

Business Model:

NOAC will be sold as a lowest-risk Class 1 medical device, which does not require approval by a Notified Body. By leveraging the strong established network of the team in the clinical sector, NOAC will be sold to customers and clinics through direct sales and third-party vendors and partners.

Leasing options would also be offered to hospitals and clinics in order to facilitate market entry and expansion.

Additionally, sterile covers are needed for NOAC for each surgery providing additional recurrent revenue.


  • Intelligent motion detection through sensor technology
  • Very short setup times and intuitive handling in the operating theater
  • Multidisciplinary use across various medical departments


  • NOAC has already been tested and utilized in 2 real-life surgeries.
  • Granted patent in Germany for NOAC as an operating chair and PCT registration.
  • Completed randomized study proving the efficacy.
  • Hellstern Medical has already won several prizes (e.g. Top 50 Startups in Germany, Top 10 Medical Industry Business Plan Competition, Founder's Prize Baden-Württemberg, Weconomy)


The global surgical equipment market size has a potential of € 9.6 bil and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.8%. Large unmet surgical needs, growing healthcare costs, growing and aging population, and increasing surgical volume are the key factor driving the market growth.

In the OECD countries, there are more than 120.000 operating rooms and 10.500 in the DACH region alone.

Founder & Management Team

Experienced and senior team with professional backgrounds in business, the medical equipment sector, as well as surgeons. 


Markus Kainz

+43 699 13530343


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