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Uniting European Startup Investors

by making professional startup investments broadly available.

How would you describe yourself?

I am getting started with startup investments

We know that startup investments can be intimidating as they are inherently riskier than other asset classes. Our goal is to provide you with the necessary guidance at the start of your startup investment journey. We do this by taking the time to guide you through the specifics

You will benefit from: 

  • Professional access to an exciting alternative asset class
  • Investing alongside experienced Business Angels and Venture Funds
  • Access to our Knowledge Center

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I am an experienced Business Angel

You will appreciate above all the handling of the time-consuming pre-selection, examination, and legal part of the investment. In addition, we provide you with investments across various industries, stages, and geographies, enabling you to better diversify your portfolio.

You will benefit from:

  • continuous reporting
  • structured shareholder decisions
  • pooled cap-tables

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What do our Business Angels say?

Heinz Raufer, invest in startups platform

Heinz Raufer

nebenan.de, tripmakery, hotel.de, flixbus

"Specialization (in my case software and internet companies) is helpful in the search and evaluation of startup investments. Furthermore, in my opinion, the specific customer benefit of a product, as well as its unique selling proposition and scalability, are of special importance. I also check the "fit" of the founding team. These are the first priorities for me".

Eveline Steinberger Kern, invest in startups platform

Eveline Steinberger Kern

weXelerate, BlueMinds Group, Digital Hero

"To support young teams in making their entrepreneurial ideas fly is and has always been a very meaningful task for me. I focus my investments on a specific industry, so that my startup portfolio complements each other well, but also so that meaningful synergies between the companies can be exploited. It is also nice to see that more and more women have the courage to start up. I primarily invest in projects where I can contribute my experience and know-how, thus optimizing my chances of success".

startup investment platform

Stephan Berendsen

BBG Entertainment, Cuculus, SpeedScript

"As an entrepreneur with my own "startups" I have already experienced 2 exits to large IT companies myself - so I also look at possible exit scenarios when making my investment, which often go hand in hand with a very good scaling of the startup - so the business model is just as decisive here and the question "how quickly can I internationalize?". In addition, I like to work closely with the founding teams in order to provide them with my experience, especially in the first years".

How can you invest in Startups?

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Discover the cockpit

The cockpit will be your central hub for discovering new investment opportunities and managing your existing ones.
Additionally, you get a glance at deals we are currently exploring and can directly indicate first interest.

We are constantly adding features to the cockpit, to make your startup investing experience the best. If you have ideas or feedback, we're curious to talk to you!

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equity crowdfunding, startup investment platform

Get notified about new investment opportunities

As soon as a startup has made it through our selection process you will be notified via e-mail. This happens 5-10 times a year, so no need to worry about a cluttered inbox. In it, you will find a compact presentation of the key facts so that you instantly know what the startup does and why we selected it. 

Indicate your interest

In your investor-cockpit, you can find detailed documentation, invest directly, or sign up for an investor call. At all times you can contact the deal captain, should you have questions regarding an investment or someone of our team for not deal-related topics. 

Get to know the founding team 

Startup investments are personal. That's why we want you to get to know the founders in one of our  "Founder-Investor calls". There you have the opportunity to meet the team and other interested investors and ask your questions directly to the founders. 

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equity crowdfunding, startup investment platform

LOI and access to the data room 

If you want to invest, you can sign a non-binding Letter of Intent (LOI) with NDA. Afterwards you will get access to an extensive data room where you can also personally check all relevant startup documents.

Closing: Legal processing & pooling 

You receive our contracts, which correspond to the market standard and we take over the complete handling of the deal. Our investors are generally pooled behind our trust company. This is particularly important as a too fragmented cap table (i.e. a large number of investors in the commercial register) would make follow-up financing for the start-up more difficult. However, we guarantee our investors full co-determination rights under company law. Our trustee structure makes it simple for us to monitor and enforce your rights as an investor.

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Standardized reporting after the investment

primeCROWD ensures that all Startups report to keep investors up to date via a standardized reporting tool, allowing for transparent documentation of the economic development of all your primeCROWD investments and to stay in touch with the startup throughout the investment lifecycle.

Hands-on or off

Depending on your preference we enable you to use your personal strengths and your network for the growth of your investment. Furthermore, we provide the structure for you to get to know your co-investors.

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equity crowdfunding, startup investment platform

Some of your advantages with us

Invest in Equity

in an exciting but very exclusive asset class starting with EUR 10,000. Our goal is to make professional startup investments broadly available. 

Network with peers

Startup investing is a deeply personal endeavor. Besides needing to trust the team to be able to carry through their vision we think it is important that you also get to know your co-investors. 

Invest hands-on or off

No matter if you want to actively contribute to your startup-portfolio or simply watch them grow, we give you the tools for both approaches. 

Trust the process

From pre-seed startup financing (and founding) to billion-dollar infrastructure projects our team has done it all. Multiple times. Over the past years we incorporated this know-how so you only get to see the best in a seamless process.




Startups screened


Startups funded

Frequently asked questions

How does your trustee /pooling vehicle work?

The Trustee is a legal entity created for the purpose of simplifying management of the relationship between Investors and the Company. The Trustee is regulated by the Limited Liability Companies Act in Austria („GmbH Gesetz“). Legally, the shares in the Company are acquired by the Trustee on the account of the Investors (the „trustors“). Voting is done by executing the investors’ voting rights in the startup based on their instructions (majority principle). 

The use of the Trustee simplifies the investment process so that dozens of Investors are not required to be present in the same place and at the same time at the notary office.

Do I have to pay to be part of the network?

No. Becoming part of the network is free of charge. So you can browse all opportunities and indicate interest in investment opportunities. Only once you actually invest in a startup a fee occurs. Learn more about our fee model

What's in it for me if I also bring my friends?

We have various incentive systems in place depending on how deep you want to work together with us to advance the European tech ecosystem.

We're happy to talk to you for more information about this. Get in contact