How does a primeCROWD Investment work?

1. Register and become part of our network

Keep your full profile up to date. This is the only way we can guarantee that you will not miss anything.


2. Information about new investment opportunities

As soon as a startup has made it through our selection process and the startup meets your investment interests, you will be informed by e-mail. You will also always find current investment opportunities under "Current Investment Opportunities" in your investors cockpit.

3. Getting to know the startup team

If you find a startup exciting, you can meet the team either via video call or in a physical meeting and ask questions directly to the founders as well as listen to questions of other investors.

4. LOI and access to the data room

If you want to invest, you can sign a non-binding Letter of Intend (LOI) with NDA. Afterwards you will get access to an extensive data room where you can also personally check all relevant startup documents.

5. Legal processing & pooling

You receive our contracts, which correspond to the market standard and we take over the complete handling of the deal. Our investors are generally pooled behind our trust company. This is particularly important as a too fragmented cap table (i.e. a large number of investors in the commercial register) would make follow-up financing for the start-up more difficult. However, we guarantee our investors full co-determination rights under company law. Our trustee structure makes it simple for us to monitor and enforce your rights as an investor.

6. Standardised reporting after the investment

primeCROWD ensures that all Startups report to keep investors up to date via a standardised reporting tool, allowing for a transparent documentation of the economic development of all your primeCROWD investments and to stay in touch with the startup throughout the investment lifecycle.