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Be a pioneer and drive digital innovation in radiology by becoming a shareholder of mediare, a startup that enables highly efficient analysis of magnetic resonance images (MRI) with Deep Learning. Register to learn more.

equity seed financing round up to € 700k / min. Ticket € 10.000  / HTGF as co-investor


Today radiologists are facing a dilemma: Skyrocketing number of medical images (CT and MR) but lack of sufficient radiologists / time to cope with this demand.


mediaire’s software (mdbrain) applies deep learning (AI) for highly efficient analyses of MR images (MRI) improving the radiology workflow to support patients’ diagnosis. mdbrain demonstrated 100% sensitivity / 91.3 % specificity differentiating Alzheimer patients from healthy ones on a public data set outperforming even radiologists. The utility of the software is confirmed by customers.

Business Model

SaaS: Upfront installation fee and pay-per-use monthly fee.

Volume-based pricing starting at € 45/report, decreasing to € 5/report. mediaire's customers are radiology clinics (70%) and hospitals (30%) equipped with modern MRI technology. 


Strong product-market fit and customer demand proven by outstanding conversion rates and no churn. Since the product rollout end of 2019, 20% revenue increase per month with more than 30 paying customers.

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“WARNING NOTICE: This investment involves considerable risks and can lead to the complete loss of the capital invested.”