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Who is primeCROWD?

primeCROWD is one of the leading start-up investor networks in Europe, consisting of more than 2000 investors and has successfully financed and networked numerous start-ups in recent years. Our focus is primarily on start-ups in the DACH and Baltic region from the sectors of health, digital economy or sustainability. We usually finance tickets between 300k-2M.


Peptides (short amino acid chains) are a promising substance class for applications in the areas of

  • personal care (e.g. anti-aging),
  • food & beverages (e.g. flavor, conservation),
  • animal breeding (e.g. antibiotics substitutes)
  • and crop cultivation (e.g. fungicides, fertilizer substitutes).

However, established production methods are prohibitively expensive at the required purity levels due to a lack of scalability.


mk2 Biotechnologies developed a patent-protected process that allows the scalable and cost-efficient production of high-purity peptides for mass market applications.

This innovative and scalable process eliminates the current bottlenecks of established synthesis methods and allows customers' quality requirements to be fully met, while reducing peptide production costs by several orders of magnitude. This means that peptides can be used for the first time in volume markets such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food & beverages and agriculture.

Similarly to the BioNTech mRNA-platform, mk2 Biotechnologies will be able to flexibly develop and produce peptides to target the known challenges of today, and the unknown ones of tomorrow.


mk2 Biotechnologies’ approach allows large-scale peptide production with high purities and at low cost. The technology was co-developed by the founding team at the TU Munich and successfully validated on a lab scale.


Global market potential of € 36bn for target peptides (of 15 – 100+ amino acid lengths). Split into personal care (€ 6.1bn), pharma (€ 13.3bn), agriculture (€ 9.4bn), food and beverages (€ 6.8bn), academic R&D (€ 360m). CAGRs for all markets estimated at 10% p.a.

The entry market will be particularly personal care (including cosmetics) due to its high-price / high margin and being a niche market with low regulatory barriers.

Business Model

Based on i) future direct sales (charge per unit) and ii) license fees.

Short-term focus on cooperation-based R&D projects. Once developed, these products will be produced by contract manufacturing organizations (CMO) and sold by mk2 Biotechnologies, or produced under respective licenses by the customer themselves. In-house activities will be focused on lab-scale R&D and production only.


  • Exclusive IP license agreement
  • Scale-up agreement with leading German Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO) in place
  • So far funded solely by grants (EUR 1.3m, non-dilutive)
  • Several LOIs for cooperation projects
  • New patentable products and processes in progress

Exit Potential

A leading German CMO already expressed its interest in a technology exit if the joint scale-up project proves successful. A possible corridor for an early technology exit is € 60-90m.

Founder & Management Team

Economically and scientifically experienced members with a broad, interdisciplinary background (PhDs at the TU Munich), supplemented by a team of young scientists and complemented by mentors and consultants.

Dr. Konstantinos Antonopoulos, CEO

Dr. Sebastian Mangold, CEO

Dr. Marco Giuman, CTO


Dr. Ronald Rapberger

+43 676 334 1215


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