Optimize your funding strategy, preparation of funding applications, financial plans and market research for startups.

We support startups, SMEs and research institutions in bringing new products and services to market with the help of funding and suitable financing instruments. Our team of consultants has a strong track record in identifying projects with high potential and successfully raising funds from Austrian and EU funding agencies. Whether you want to learn more about the value of your company or the scope of your market opportunities, revise your business plan or learn more about the financing instruments of Horizon 2020 - we are happy to support you!

Startups advantages with Dharma Funding Solutions

Dharma Funding Solutions is the ideal partner for startups, SMEs and research institutions when it comes to funding. Through our many years of experience, we have valuable know-how about what is important to get the right funding for a project and, if necessary, we also develop the business model together with the company further. As we work dependent on turnover, we are very keen to ensure that our customers' grant applications are completed positively. As a result, even startups never take a financial risk with us.

What we offer startups:

  • free initial consultation
  • startup friendly business model (combined with small fixed fee + success fee)
  • access to our network of startups
  • more than a decade of experience in the handling of grants

"For many startups and small businesses financing their project can be a major challenge. The collaboration with primeCROWD is a very fruitful one: both primeCROWD and we are committed to providing financial support for promising innovative products or services. What I have observed over the years is that many excellent ideas are generated but have no chance to successfully enter the market due to a lack of knowledge about funding opportunities and instruments. I am happy that we are both working to successfully bring these ideas to the market."

- Vijay Verma, The Funding Expert at Dharma Funding Solutions