SignD in a nutshell

SignD is a 360° turnkey onboarding suite built on a smart service framework, covering the entire customer onboarding process.

● Identification one-stop-shop – all aspects covered with one contract, one integration (biometric identification, database matching, address services, credit scoring, source of wealth, optical & NFC ID verification and face matching, liveness detections, sanction (terrorist) list checks (AML, CTF, PEP)

● Risk and background check services (device and non-PII identity checks, OSINT, dark web, largest data breach repository 

● Open Banking (account information and payment initiation)

● Digital Identity - SignD`s next step is to enable consumers to have all data at hand (App) for repetitive registrations process (the end of repeating again and again the same steps)

SignD integrated only best of breed providers into a flexible platform. Allowing to configure or adapt any onboarding case as seamless end-to-end customer process.

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