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Who is primeCROWD?

primeCROWD is one of the leading start-up investor networks in Europe, consisting of more than 2000 investors and has successfully financed and networked numerous start-ups in recent years. Our focus is primarily on start-ups in the DACH and Baltic region from the sectors of health, digital economy or sustainability. We usually finance tickets between 300k-2M.


For decades, the B2B sales process within the retail industry has been expensive, analog and inefficient.

Manufacturers traditionally had to visit retailers in person to sell their products. This means long travel times, high costs and low scalability.


Retail.me is the first digital solution that directly connects manufacturers and retailers (like Edeka & Rewe).

With Retail.me, manufacturers can sell their entire product portfolio directly to retailers without having to travel across the country.

With a single click, information is sent directly to individual retailers. The most effective way to secure product placements, increase brand awareness and attract new customers.

Hence, Retail.me is not only up to 80% cheaper, but also significantly faster (c.100x).

Business Modell

Retail.me offers its platform to retailers free of charge. But manufacturers pay an annual fee between € 2,400 and € 15,400 depending on their size. A typical salesperson costs around € 80k per year.


  • Strong network effects: Retail.me is the largest B2B sales platform in the DACH area
  • One-stop store: Marketing, communication and evaluation are handled directly on the platform
  • Intelligent product policy: Optimization of marketing through targeted ads and tracking measures


  • More than € 520,000 annual recurring revenue in 2020
  • Over 1,700 suppliers can now reach a network of over 4,000 retailers on the Retail.me platform
  • Around 220,000 offers have already been activated on the platform
  • Customers include well-known brands such as Coca Cola, Krombacher & Pernod Ricard


The retail industry is one of the largest markets in the world. In the EU alone, there are around 3.8 million points of sale and more than 1 million manufacturers and suppliers. Of these, around 80k points of sale and 30k manufacturers and suppliers are located just in Germany.

Founder & Management Team

The management team is characterized by their many years of experience in sales, product and software development. This is complemented by a young, diverse team (25 employees) in the areas of sales, software development and customer success.

Matthias Schulz (CEO)

  • 20+ years of sales experience
  • Leading positions at Red Bull and Warsteiner

Tobyas Faroß (CPO)

  • 10+ years of product design experience
  • Owner of a design and digital agency

Alexander Roddis (CTO)

  • 18 years IT and development experience
  • Software Architect, Cloud Infrastructure Expert, Agile Coach

Investment Terms

  • primeCROWD Convertible up to € 500k, min. € 300k
  • Discount: 25% (Interest: 3.9 % p.a.)
  • Cap: € 10 Mio. (Floor: € 5 Mio.)
  • Closing: August 2021
  • Total round up to € 1.350k / € 850k already committed
  • min. Ticket / investor: € 10.000


STS Ventures

Exit Potential

  • Large food retailers (EDEKA & REWE etc.)
  • Digital service providers for the retail industry (Syndigo, Salsify, range.me)


Lin Liu

+43 677 62301570


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