Risk Note

The acquisition of alternative financial instruments involves the risk of losing the entire invested capital. In principle, it can be assumed that higher possible returns result from a higher risk. In the interests of risk diversification, as far as possible only those amounts of money should be invested that are not required or expected back in the near future, even if they are liquid.

There is no supervision by the Financial Market Authority (FMA) with regard to compliance with the Alternative Financing Act or an ordinance issued on the basis of this Act.

Investment service providers that broker alternative financial instruments on an Internet platform are subject to supervision by the FMA solely with respect to compliance with the 2007 Austrian Securities Supervision Act.

Date of preparation of the information sheet: 26.02.2017

1. Price of the financial product

Each investor contributes to the financing project with a minimum amount of € 10,000 or a multiple thereof (in exceptional cases, higher amounts are also possible).

Pursuant to § 3 para 3, issuers may accept amounts from investors with a total value exceeding € 5,000 if the investor previously informs the operator of the Internet platform (primeCROWD GmbH) that he will invest no more than twice his average monthly net income over twelve months or that he will invest no more than ten percent of his financial assets.

2. Additional risk information

The investment in question is a long-term investment. Furthermore, the form of investment involves opportunities and risks, and no promises or reliable forecasts of future earnings can be made. In particular, any earnings generated in the past are no indicator of future earnings. In particular, the following risks apply:

Insolvency risk

This refers to the risk of the issuer's insolvency. Insolvency of the issuer regularly leads to a total loss.

Malversation risk

This is understood to mean the risk of criminal acts by employees/bodies within the issuer's company. These can never be completely excluded. Malversations can damage the issuer directly or indirectly and can also lead to insolvency.

Bulk risk

This refers to the risk that arises when an investor does not diversify his portfolio or diversifies it only slightly. It is therefore not advisable to invest in just a few securities.

Difficulties in the transferability of investments

This means that investments under Section 1(1)(3) of the Austrian Capital Market Act (as in the present case) are transferable only under special conditions. The investor was expressly informed about this.

3. Period of validity of the information provided

The information provided is valid until notification of changes.

4. Payment and fulfilment of contracts, further contractual conditions

The rights and obligations of the investor in connection with the acquisition of the share are subject to individual agreements between the investor and the issuer.

Costs for remote communication

No separate costs will be charged to the investor for the use of means of remote communication (SMS excluded).

Statements and notifications

Declarations and notifications in the relationship between issuer and investor must be made in writing (by registered letter or e-mail). In accordance with the technical possibilities, the investor may also submit declarations and notifications to the issuer via the Internet platform. Declarations and notifications to the issuer must be sent to the address of the issuer mentioned in item 1.

5. Legal system and place of jurisdiction

The contractual relationship between issuer and investor is subject to Austrian law. The place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from and in connection with this contract is, to the extent permitted by law, the registered office of the issuer.

Contractual language and language for communication during the term of the contract

The contractual conditions and information are available in German. Communication with the investor during the term of the aforementioned contractual relationships will be conducted in German.