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Empowering European entrepreneurs

by providing them with access to capital and our network for sustainable and international growth.

We focus on

Digital Economy

Fintech / Regtech / Insurtech


Future of Work

Industry 4.0 / IoT / Smart City

Cyber Security

Life Sciences

Medtech / Biotech

Digital Health

Personalized Health



Sustainability and Environment

Circular Economy



from €300k up to €2M

We arrange investments from Seed and Series-A stage companies.

as lead or co-investor

We look for startups with a proven track record relative to their stage of development. We support you either as a lead or co-investor.

What all companies must have in common is that they are headquartered in the DACH or CEE region and provide the first proof of market by revenues/user growth. Startups in the health space do not need revenues.

Why startups raise with us

Efficient fundraising

Time and cost-efficient fundraising process within 8 to 12 weeks. Our Fee model is purely success based (financial closing) at a commission of 3% on the investment.⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ 

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Investors Network

Present your startup to a growing network of over 1700 experienced business angels and first-time investors. Get Feedback from experts ("crowd intelligence") and find your ideal investor.

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Pooling of Investors

For a clean cap table, we pool investors via the primeCROWD Trustee to ease follow-on financing rounds. Additionally, it is also possible to clean-up an existing cap table. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ 

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Partner Network

You can reach cooperation partners, potential customers and have access to exciting services from our partners with whom we have proven and long-standing working relationships.

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Our Co-Investors

Our mission is to bring together European Startup Investors. 

An essential part of this is through teaming up with renowned co-investors.

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How do we work?

Initial Contact

primeCROWDs Investment Team will be the first to review your documents after either receiving an introduction or your data from our application.

We are happy to learn about your venture here.

Intro Call

In case we have questions at this early point in time we'll reach out to you for an initial short call. 

The better the documents you provide, the fewer questions, and the faster we can move forward, which we believe is in both of our interests.

Investment Committee

Our IC meets every week and decides with which companies we move on. 

The decision is based a lot on the parameters outlined in our focus. Additionally, we count in factors relevant to the particular industry, stage, and overall situation of the company. 

Our network is a big part of why startups raise with us so we also assess if it is strong enough to adequately support you. This also happens in this step as we shy away from firstly wasting your time and secondly not being able to deliver on what we promised to bring to the table. 

Regardless of whether we see a fit or not, you will hear from us the week after we first received your information. 

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First Due Diligence

After a successful decision in the first round of the investment committee, we're happy to invite you to a first call. For us to prepare accordingly we at this point ask you to share parts of your dataroom with us. We'll let you know exactly what we need. 

Challenger Call

During this call, you'll get to know our team responsible for the investment and have the opportunity to personally present your company. 

Most of the time will be dedicated to your answers to the questions we have prepared while reviewing your documents. 

Contract signing

After the challenger call, we'll once again present your company in our investment committee and take a final decision. 

A positive decision gets us to the next step, which is the contract between you and us. This formalizes our commitment and outlines in detail what will happen during the fundraising campaign. 

This starts two things, firstly our deep due diligence and in parallel the preparation of the materials for the campaign outreach. 

In our experience, this part can take between 1-3 weeks, depending a lot on how fast we receive the data necessary to come to an informed decision.

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Expert Validation

Depending on how technical your solution is, we consult with experts from our network. We'll discuss mostly their take on the market and the technology. Sometimes, these early experts become the first investors in the round. 

In-depth Due Diligence

To dive further into key areas needed to analyze, including business, financial, technical, legal, and HR we at this point need full access to your dataroom (we'll supply a list if you don't yet have one). During this time we'll stay in closer contact in case questions come up. Furthermore, we also start to help you to adapt your documents so they better fit a broad audience of investors.

Campaign Preparation

After a positive due diligence, we make everything ready for the launch of your investment campaign. This includes some legal things that just have to be done so we are compliant with the law (it's not a hassle, so no worries). Additionally, our investment team will prepare the documents and summaries we provide our investors with. During this time we'll only get back to you to approve the documents and maybe clarify some things. 

In our experience, this part of the process can take between 3-5 weeks. Our processes are in place to do it in 2-3, here it largely depends on what you provide us with. 

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Investment Campaign

The campaign starts with a launch email, containing a brief summary of your company. At the end, we invite investors to a virtual meeting given by your company’s management team and moderated by us. Investors receive the formerly prepared investment analysis and other due diligence materials to support their investment decisions. Your commitment during this time is very small, as we'll try to answer most of the questions and coordinate everything. 

During this time we'll keep you up to date with the progress on our side and connect you individually with possible bigger investors. 

Financial Closing

Here our goal is to align the interests of the investors with yours and stay transparent and fair. We take care of talking to the lawyers and coordinating and finalizing the financing documents like the Termsheet, the Articles of Association, and the Subscription Agreement. 

Ongoing reporting

After a successful investment, we provide you with the right tools for easy reporting. 

This is when we welcome you to the primeFAMILY, where we'll also figure out together how your new investors and our network can help you in reaching your full potential. 

In our experience, this part can take from 4-12 weeks. Factors counting into this are the availability of the different parties, how fast the sides will settle on the legal parts, and yes also how fast investors are convinced of you. If you have raised funding before you'll recognize that with the 3-4 month our process takes, is still 2 months faster then average one. 

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