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Share, Learn and work together – Information Spill over is necessary for good ideas to spawn.

Poincaré once already said: “Ideas rise in Crowds” – and that is exactly what we need: We at primeCROWD embrace serendipitous collisions. 

That’s precisely why we also think education is so important and why we believe it's our duty to educate investors and entrepreneurs alike. We need to teach the next generation the right things, the right mental attitude (Leadership, entrepreneurship and technical understanding, positivity, bring the world forward, optimism). Also, keep in mind though that innovation in itself is not always the holy grail – please don't forget to solve a problem as well, I.e. check with customers /markets if the product is actually needed.

We believe that our role is to teach the next generation of investors to embrace the world and to be fascinated about making it better. We can’t teach you new ideas or investments but we can help you understand how to think about these things.

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