Stefano Gentili


Stefano studies the Master program in Strategy, Innovation and Management Control at the Vienna University of Economics and Business and works as an investment analyst for primeCROWD. Being born in Italy, raised mother-tongue British, and living in the bi-lingual region of South Tyrol, Stefano has an international mindset that knows no borders. He experienced first-hand the world of start-ups by working closely with founders on a number of different innovative ventures, being a former COO of a tech start-up himself.  Stefano is responsible for screening all inbound and outbound start-up applications and supports them through the primeCROWD funding process. Additionally, helps to structure the weekly Investment Committee, internally presenting the next potential deal for the wide and international investor network of primeCROWD.

He worked in the past in the core team of a tech startup himself, an experience through which he got to know what is needed in order for a startup to scale successfully, helping him to evaluate ventures in a critical way.

Through his business-oriented university experience in the UK, Italy and Austria, he gathered the academic knowledge needed to assess businesses in a critical and structured way.