eMobility startup goUrban now ready to go

eMobility startup goUrban now ready to go

Datum: 2017-09-14 16:42:09

Success Story

Investors from the primeCROWD network secure goUrban the start of their eMobility sharing system with a six-figure sum.

The three founders Jonathan Gleixner, Bojan Jukic and Michael Lenz started in March 2016 with the aim of finding a solution to the acute parking problem in large cities and at the same time promoting urban mobility. With the new eMobility-Sharing System and a fleet of environmentally friendly eMopeds, they are now taking this step and soon more than 50 scooters will be available in Vienna, which can be easily rented via app. The scooters are billed by the minute. For the time being the districts 1 to 9 and the 18th district are covered. With the investment now provided by primeCROWD network, the last hurdle to the official start could be taken. If you don't want to miss the start, you can register now at https://gourban.eu and be the first to be there.

 goUrban founders & investors: (from left to right) Christoph Filnkößl, Michael Spallart, Bojan Jukic, Michael Lenz, Jonathan Gleixner, Michael Jayasekara, Alfredo Rasinger, Michaela Motowidlo and Oliver Stauber (RA - CMS) | (c) Photo powered by primeCROWD