Wanderwatch and their Smartwatch have big plans

Wanderwatch and their Smartwatch have big plans

Datum: 2018-03-27 09:45:41

Success Story

The Dutch startup Wanderwatch is one of the first international startups to receive funding from the primeCROWD network.

A study from Great Britain shows that many children spend less time outdoors than prisoners. Reasons for this lack of interest include the lure of digital technologies and the fears of parents. This is exactly where the founders Ellie Karssemakers and Anton De Nijs are now tackling. Two of the investors from the network have a similar view of the lack of play and were convinced from the very first moment: Christoph Filnkößl, one of the most active primeCROWD Business Angels (investor in Liimtec and GoUrban) as well as Stefan Nagel, who also invested in Liimtec, have put a medium six-figure sum into their hands so that the founders can bring children closer to playing outside again. The Wanderwatch is available for 149,- Euro online, at www.wanderwatch.com and since September at the leading Dutch toy retailer Intertoys. Incidentally, parents can still be reassured at home with the built-in GPS tracker and alarm button. 

 (c) Photo powered by Wanderwatch