Why invest with primeCROWD?

We are a network for business angels and "first time" private investors.

Numerous experienced Business Angels appreciate above all the takeover of the time-consuming pre-selection and examination of the startups as well as the smooth administrative and legal handling of the investment. In addition, primeCROWD provides Business Angels with supra-regional and cross-border investment opportunities.

Private individuals (managers, entrepreneurs, HNWIs) also appreciate that someone takes the time to explain the nature of a startup investment and is thus guided through this specific form of investment. 

Equity investments from EUR 10,000 with full appreciation potential 

We offer exclusively equity investments, starting from a minimum investment of 10,000 EUR. This means you can participate in the full value and profit potential. Our investors are pooled in a fiduciary capacity, but retain full participation rights under company law.

Innovative, promising seed and later stage startups from the German speaking countries. 

We focus on innovative and scalable companies from all industries in
the German-speaking world. A prerequisite is that the start-ups already
generate their first revenues, as this significantly reduces the risk, as
this shows an initial proof-of-market.

Everything from one primeCROWD hand

We take care of the selection and processing - you decide individually in which startup you would like to invest.

  • We screen 1000-1500 startups per year. Only about 1 - 2% make it through our selection process.

  • You will have the opportunity to meet the founding team personally in one of our Investor Meetups and ask questions.

  • We examine the startups and if you are interested, we will grant you access to a clearly arranged data room so that you can get a comprehensive picture of the startup.

  • We take over the administrative and legal handling of your investment.

  • Once the deal is closed, you will be kept up to date on the development of the startup through our standardized reporting system.

Our success so far

The primeCROWD network has already provided more than 20 startups with over EUR 12 million in equity.

Success Stories